Vulcan Spring and Air-restrictor Mod

This mod guide  will show you how to remove the  air-restrictor  and replace the spring, both of which dramatically increase the range of your vulcan. First remove the screws on the main casing. Do not waste time on the barrel section, as its casing is not connected to the main body. Then, remove the carrying handle by prying the orange end-caps off. Unscrew the two screws that are in the hinge of the jam door and knock out the locking tubes. The cocking handle will come off with some gentle prying. Don’t forget to take out the batteries.

Once everything is unscrewed, pull  up the side casing slightly and reach underneath and yank the battery spring connection out of its holder. With the wire disconnected, lift the casing completely off. Now, you will unscrew the two white covers and the square orange piece, making sure to unhook the small spring.

 With some wiggling the plunger tube can be pulled out. Take out the two screws on top of the plunger tube and pull it off. The air restrictor and its spring will pop out. Next take a small flat head screwdriver and gently knock out the air grate. Put the plunger back together and set aside.


Turn the vulcan over and remove the screw inside of the cocking bar hole. With the gun right-side up pull out the cocking bar and the rotator bar as pictured. You can now pull the plunger out.Hold down the spring with one hand and take out the screw holding the plunger head on.

 Remove the spring. The only easily acquired spring that I know of is the buzz-bee tek 6 spring, an almost perfect fit with a lot more power. (the tek spring is the bottom one)

 Put the plunger back together and reinsert into the gun, making sure to pull down the triangular catch as shown.

 Next put back in the rotation bar then put back in the cocker bar. Replace the plunger tube with its small spring and washer. Finally put on the two firing mechanism covers and the orange rectangle, then screw down. Also, don’t forget to hook up the small rotation spring. Put back on the casing and screw together, and replace all the handles, cocking grip, and jam door. That’s it, you’re done. (note) I took out the dart posts so the belt can take streamlines.



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Automatic Clip Mod for Nerf Barricade

Turning a semi-auto ten dart gun into a full auto, clip-fed beast.

 This is probably the most ambitious mod I have ever attempted.

First almost all of the internals were removed in preparation for the  mod.

The dart pusher mechanism consists of a Lego worm gear box, driven by a 18 volt motor. The box turns a gear with half the teeth filed off on one side. As the gear turns, the teeth catch a PVC bar which also has teeth. The bar is connected to a spring that is stretched as the bar moves forward.

The connected gear pushes the bar until it turns to its blank side. By this time the bar has pushed a dart fully into the spinning flywheels and the dart is fired. When the gear is not engaged with the bar, the spring pulls it to its original position and the process is repeated.


In order for this to work there must be a constant supply of darts to the pusher. With the original rotation mechanism for the barrel removed, the only way for sufficient dart delivery was to make the blaster clip-fed. I figured the best way to make a stable clip holder was to use one from a stock clip gun.

An alpha trooper donated its handle and clip holder in exchange for a coveted spot in the spare parts bin. The original handle was removed from the barricade. The alpha handle and clip holder were dremeled to a perfect fit and glued in. 

Once the flywheels were moded with tape to accommodate steamline darts, and the voltage had been raised to nine volts, the gun was ready to fire.

When I tested the gun, the flywheels screamed with speed. With a Stampede clip in the gun, I pulled the trigger. A stream of darts sprayed out of the gun emptying the clip in two seconds. Unfortunately, I didn’t take pictures during the process so I can’t make a detailed mod guide, but I hope you can use this as inspiration and make your own fully automatic clip-fed Barricade. (I may mod another one and put up pics soon.)


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Intro to Nerf Moding

Hi, I’m Mark, and I am going to show you the most crazy mods ever. Although modding Nerf blasters is sometimes thought to be hard, it’s not. With a little practice and a good mod guide, you will be on your way to modtropolis. Most Nerf guns have the  capability to be modded, and I’ll show you how to make your gun perform its best. Any questions you have will be answered,  just type your question in the comment box at the  bottom of the mod guide. By the way, there is always the possibility of breaking your gun in the process of modding it, but if you follow my instructions carefully all will go well. Good luck!!!!!!!!! (hint, HAVE FUN)



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