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Recon Slam-Fire Mod

The Recon, although very powerful, has fallen below par in comparison with other clip fed guns, such as the Stampede and Raider. The Recons’ painfully slow rate-of-fire and low dart capacity are the main cause of this decrease in popularity. The solution to rescue the Recons reputation?

Make it have slam-fire.

I decided to make the mod relatively simple by not using any hard to obtain materials. With a little skill with the Dremel and some PVC glue, you’re good to go. The basic principal behind this mod is to have the bolt sled release the plunger catch at the exact moment it hits the front of the gun. In order to do this, the trigger slide must pull under the catch instead of pushing under it.

First, I removed the trigger slide and replaced it with a custom reverse facing slide. Then the bolt sled was modified as well as the front of the trigger. Read this mod guide to see how you too can have a slam-fire Recon.  

Unscrew the gun and lift off the casing, then take out the spring, jam door, the plunger assembly, the plunger catch, and the two locks. The locks look like this:

Take out the two small black screws on the underside of the bolt sled, and knock out the spring and lock from inside the sled. Now, remove the trigger and locate a small stud in the top of the trigger assembly as shown.

Using the Dremel, cut the top of the trigger in half starting at the stud and going to the back.

Cut a 5cm by 8mm piece of  from a 1/2 inch PVC pipe. Next, cut two 2cm by 8mm pieces from the same PVC pipe.

Prime the cut part of the trigger (not the piece you cut off) with PVC primer, then prime all of the custom PVC pieces. Hint: it may be necessary to heat the PVC pieces with a micro torch and then hammer them flat to make a better fit.

Glue the largest PVC piece onto the trigger, then glue the two small pieces at the end, directly on top of each other.

Once the glue is set, Dremel the two top pieces to a 45 degree angle approximately 1/2cm long.

Out of the piece you cut off of the trigger, cut two 2cm lengths. It’sokay if their a bit shorter than that.

Angle two of the corners of  both pieces so that they’re slightly triangular.

Now glue them together and then glue that piece to the front of the trigger bar. With the Dremeled edges pointing up.

Dremel off the two semicircles of plastic next to the spring post on the trigger. Then crack off the square flap at the very bottom of the trigger.

Drill a hole with a 1/2mm drill bit through the spring post on the back of the trigger and a corresponding hole in the casing of the gun.

Now, notice that right underneath the stock holder the back of the handle sweeps out into a rectangular box, helping to support the stock. Cut off the top of this box and Dremel down about half a centimeter.

On the edges of the trigger hole there are two ridges: One on the top and one on the bottom. These must be removed. 

The back of the  trigger spring box must be taken out.There are three parallel plates where the locks used to go. The middle plate needs to be Dremeled out.Take the bolt sled and Dremel out the wall of the lock case that faces the clip. Then Dremel across the back edge, removing the screw tubes.

Make the same cuts on the other side of the gun casing as on the first side. There isn’t a trigger spring box or lock plates on that side.

Finally, I used a Maverick trigger spring as the spring for the Recon trigger. You’ll have to cut the rings on the end of the spring  in order to get it into the holes. Some stretching may be necessary.


Put everything into the gun and screw together. Your Recon can now slam fire. Unfortunately this is the only mode of fire, but this isn’t to bad because all you have to do to single fire is keep the cocking handle almost all the way up and jerking it forward, eliminating the time needed to completely pull the handle all the way from the back of the gun.



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Alpha-Trooper AR and Breach Seal Mod

This mod guide will show you how to remove the air restrictor and seal the breach hole on the nerf alpha trooper. Start by unscrewing the cocking handle. Then unscrew the rest of the gun, not forgetting to remove the plunger tube cover. (It just unscrews.) Next lift off the side of the gun and take out the spring and the plunger catch. The jam door must also be removed. Now, remove the black screw by the barrel and pull the dart catch and its lock off as pictured.

The breach asembly can now be taken out. Pull off the plunger, and using a small screwdriver, slip off the o-ring. With a 1/4 inch bit in your drill, drill out the bottom of the air restrictor assembly, making sure to let the spring drop out once you cut through the bottom .


 Continue drilling for about 20 seconds then  turn the breach upside down and let the middle post fall out. Finally, using a large screwdriver, twist the dart post out. The breach tube should look like this.

Wrap one turn of electrical tape over the breech hole.

Take out both the large silver screw and the slam fire bar that the screw holds in. Beneath the bar is the semi-cock lock. This lock stops you from pulling the handle back up after half cocking. In other words, a useless lock. Simply unscrew it then pry it out.

Put everything back together, making sure to get all the springs in their respective places and screw on the casing and cocking handle.


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Vulcan Spring and Air-restrictor Mod

This mod guide  will show you how to remove the  air-restrictor  and replace the spring, both of which dramatically increase the range of your vulcan. First remove the screws on the main casing. Do not waste time on the barrel section, as its casing is not connected to the main body. Then, remove the carrying handle by prying the orange end-caps off. Unscrew the two screws that are in the hinge of the jam door and knock out the locking tubes. The cocking handle will come off with some gentle prying. Don’t forget to take out the batteries.

Once everything is unscrewed, pull  up the side casing slightly and reach underneath and yank the battery spring connection out of its holder. With the wire disconnected, lift the casing completely off. Now, you will unscrew the two white covers and the square orange piece, making sure to unhook the small spring.

 With some wiggling the plunger tube can be pulled out. Take out the two screws on top of the plunger tube and pull it off. The air restrictor and its spring will pop out. Next take a small flat head screwdriver and gently knock out the air grate. Put the plunger back together and set aside.


Turn the vulcan over and remove the screw inside of the cocking bar hole. With the gun right-side up pull out the cocking bar and the rotator bar as pictured. You can now pull the plunger out.Hold down the spring with one hand and take out the screw holding the plunger head on.

 Remove the spring. The only easily acquired spring that I know of is the buzz-bee tek 6 spring, an almost perfect fit with a lot more power. (the tek spring is the bottom one)

 Put the plunger back together and reinsert into the gun, making sure to pull down the triangular catch as shown.

 Next put back in the rotation bar then put back in the cocker bar. Replace the plunger tube with its small spring and washer. Finally put on the two firing mechanism covers and the orange rectangle, then screw down. Also, don’t forget to hook up the small rotation spring. Put back on the casing and screw together, and replace all the handles, cocking grip, and jam door. That’s it, you’re done. (note) I took out the dart posts so the belt can take streamlines.


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Intro to Nerf Moding

Hi, I’m Mark, and I am going to show you the most crazy mods ever. Although modding Nerf blasters is sometimes thought to be hard, it’s not. With a little practice and a good mod guide, you will be on your way to modtropolis. Most Nerf guns have the  capability to be modded, and I’ll show you how to make your gun perform its best. Any questions you have will be answered,  just type your question in the comment box at the  bottom of the mod guide. By the way, there is always the possibility of breaking your gun in the process of modding it, but if you follow my instructions carefully all will go well. Good luck!!!!!!!!! (hint, HAVE FUN)



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