Review of the Nerf Vortex Proton

Even though it’s the smallest Vortex disc gun, The Proton is powerful and compact, surpassing my expectations by a longshot.(no pun intended) The gun comes with three Vortex discs and an instruction booklet. The ranges of the Proton are quite impressive, shooting just as far as any of the larger Vortex blasters. The stock range is around 60ft, way farther than the same size stock Nightfinder.

You load the gun by pulling out the slide till it locks into place, then dropping a disc into the prescribed slot.

You then push down the slide release, which pops the slide back into the gun. Although this seems like a lot of work just to load one disc, it only takes as long as loading a nightfinder. With a bit of practice you can load it extremely quickly.


Long range

Easy to use

Very accurate


No place to store extra discs

Hard to carry with other guns

On a scale of one to ten this is how the gun scored;




Battle potential-5

Ammo capacity-4




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5 responses to “Review of the Nerf Vortex Proton

  1. Ryan S.

    Is this gun fast to load? are you going to do a mod so its faster to load? thanks

    • To tell the truth, no, it’s not fast to load. I used it in a battle and ended up switching to my praxis. It’s so many steps for just one disc, that it gets confusing in battle. Modding this gun to be faster to load is a good idea. I have thought about putting a upsidedown clip over the priming handle, so that when you pull back the handle a disc droppes into place. It wouldn’t be to hard, so maybe I’ll do a mod guide!

  2. Cindy

    Do you like the gun??? I lOve It!!! it is a very handy reliable weapon.

    • Yes, I like the gun a lot. When I do my reviews, I look at all the aspects of the gun. In the case of this gun, it would do better as a sidearm in a battle. Since I rated the gun on battle usfullness and ammo capasity along with other things, it scored lower than if I left these catagories out. But, yes I like this gun better than any other single-shot Nerf pistol.

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