Mod Guide For the Nerf Vortex Praxis

The modding of this gun is extremely easy, with no extra parts needed, it’s cheap too. First, remove the magazine and the stock, then unscrew the cocking handle and the stock connector. Now, unscrew the main casing of the gun. Remove the trigger and the firing bar.

 Next, unscrew the five screws pictured bellow, in the order pictured.


 The last screw holds the barrel portion on to the gun and is located at the top of the gun to the left. After unscrewing these screws, you can lift the disc firing mechanism up and out. It will be connected to the barrel.

Unscrew the two black screws pictured.

Once you have the plate unscrewed pull it off and take out the small rubber piece with a spring.

This next part is a bit tricky. Grab the spring box and pull towards the barrel, once it stops moving, lift up the side pointing towards the barrel and pull again.

Unscrew the black screw, then follow the steps pictured.


Getting this thing back on is the same as taking it off, except backwards. Now, put the disc firing mechanism back in to the main casing and screw in the five previously pictured screws in backwards order. Put back in the trigger and then the firing bar. Screw on the casing, cocking handle and the stock connector. That’s it, your done. Ranges increased to about 70 to 80 ft, so not bad for one step. If you have any questions please comment.

P.S. I will be posting a magazine mod guide soon!



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41 responses to “Mod Guide For the Nerf Vortex Praxis

  1. Wilkin DLS

    I successfully took apart my gun, moved the spring, modded the priming system (it no longer locks), and put it back together, but it no longer fires. It makes a pop sound (as it should), the trigger works, the clip release works, priming is good, but the discs do not leave the gun. Because they don’t fire, the only way to get a disc out after it has been primed is by using the jam release button. Please help.

  2. I dit it and i’m 13 years old

  3. hazza

    were are the scews pictured in step 3 i can’t find them! driving crazy

    plz help

  4. Kamil

    pls help,
    i did this mod and when i shoot the praxis, the discs always curve to the left

  5. Ken Napier

    That little rubber piece with the spring, pictured in photo #10…. how does it fit back into the case? i can’t get it to sit right.

  6. sean

    please help me im stuck how do i put my nerf gun back together i dont know where all the parts go

  7. James

    I have found a problem with the trigger or firing bar? This is annoying me because i have no idea how this can be fixed. please help

  8. Roy

    With a proper sized drill bit you can actualy Get even more power out of it. Just drill a hole for the holding screw where you want to position the spring, move screw & place spring on screw. So far have moved the spring past the ledge/raised line thing past the premaid holes. Haven’t range tested but deffenatly gives it some more punch.

  9. Dave

    Thanks so much for publishing this mod it worked PERFECTLY!

  10. awesomedude101

    hi i modded my praxis and everything works except 4 the trigger do u think u could help plz?

    • Awesomedude101, first check to see if the fireing bar spring is seated in the right place. Then, make sure the trigger is in its track. The gun should fire once both these parts are in the correct place.

  11. Kaine

    Do you think this mod would work with any of the other disc launchers?
    Specifically the Nitron. I don’t know if the internals are either similar enough or even the same so as to benefit from this.

    • Well, the Nitron uses a flywheel system to propel the discs, like the Barricade, so modding it is a totally different. A good mod for the nitron would be to increase the voltage.

      • Kaine

        Thanks, I thought it was worth a shot, don’t really want to pull mine apart though so probably just as well.
        Already planning on the battery upgrade, got the ones from my modded Stampy ready to hop in, once more adapters are acquired.

  12. andy23

    r u gonna paint it? I want to see it in all greens

  13. tim

    hey you forgot to picture one of the screws in the step where you pull the action out of the casing. im sure you know its there, cuz you said 5 screws but only pictured 4. the missing one is the screw attaching the top of the barrel to the back of the casing.

  14. cyclone09

    hi i have a problem with cocking the gun after this mod

    • There could be a lot of things going wrong here, but I think I know what your problem is. If you will look at the mod guide where I say to unscrew the four screws pictured, the second screw from the bottom is probably the culprit. I found that when I put it back in after modding the gun, the bar that the screw holds on was being bent down by the screw. To fix this, I took out the screw and pulled the bar back and forth a couple of times. What happened was that it got out of line by a bit, to correct that I moved it, which got it back in place. If this doesn’t work, check to make sure the cocking handles screws are all in correctly and that all the trigger assembly is in place. Good luck, if none of this works I can send you a close up of the working internals, so that you can compare yours to it.

  15. suruat7/24

    are you going to do a mod on the nitron?

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