Nerf Quick 16 Mod

  In this post I’ll show you how to modify this gun to shoot further and hold 18 darts. First off, you’ll want to unscrew the magazine cover. After that, unscrew the cocking handle and the yellow cover plate that spans the length of the gun. Unscrew the rest of the gun.

 Now you have to remove the main casing, this is the tricky part. First, take out the little black screw that connects the dart pusher to the flat orange tab coming out of the gun. Next, lift the tab up and pull the dart pusher connector out. Now, gently lift the main casing up and half cock the gun, the main casing should pop off. Remove the plunger cover and the spring.

Remove the trigger, the slam-fire bar, and the plunger securing bar.(the piece of plastic next to the plunger with two screws in it)

To increase the load capacity of your gun to 18 darts, simply Dremal off these two spokes in the magazine.

 Next, take off the plunger and remove the o-ring. Now, using a long 1/4 inch drill bit, drill out the air restrictor.

Unfortunately, I forgot to take a picture of the breech hole, but you can simply look over the dart tube until you find a small hole on the side. Then you can wrap one turn of electrical tape around the dart tube, making sure the hole is covered. Put back on the o-ring and the plunger, then insert the bolt assembly back into the gun. Then put in the barrel.Next screw in the plunger securing bar, the trigger, the spring and plunger cover, and finally the slam-fire bar. Then pull the cocking handle all the way forward. Slide the dart pusher tab onto its post. Now, very slowly, lower the upper casing down onto the main casing, making sure to let the dart pusher tab through its hole. Screw every thing back together and you’re done.



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14 responses to “Nerf Quick 16 Mod

  1. CC

    I took out the little metal pin and I got into all separate pieces. If you look into the side of the plunger that has the black rubber circle around it, there is a ninja star shapper think, do you take that out. Another question, corvering the breech hole, would you recommend tethlon tape.

  2. Nate

    when you increased the clip capacity did you notice any side effects to it like jamming and slower loading

  3. When you drilled the air restrictor out, did you blow the whole thing out, including the long thing in the middle that the dart sits on when loaded?

  4. Thenerfer

    can this gun use stephns

  5. Colby

    How much farther does it go compared to stock? Thanks,

  6. I found a second breech hole on the dart tube near the plunger section. It’s pretty small so it probably dosn’t effect range all that much. But I thought I’d let you know.

  7. Mack

    Are you gonna paint it?? it would wicked in black and white.

  8. mod2work

    Can you drill instead of dremal the two spokes in the magazine? Thanks

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