Vulcan Spring and Air-restrictor Mod

This mod guide  will show you how to remove the  air-restrictor  and replace the spring, both of which dramatically increase the range of your vulcan. First remove the screws on the main casing. Do not waste time on the barrel section, as its casing is not connected to the main body. Then, remove the carrying handle by prying the orange end-caps off. Unscrew the two screws that are in the hinge of the jam door and knock out the locking tubes. The cocking handle will come off with some gentle prying. Don’t forget to take out the batteries.

Once everything is unscrewed, pull  up the side casing slightly and reach underneath and yank the battery spring connection out of its holder. With the wire disconnected, lift the casing completely off. Now, you will unscrew the two white covers and the square orange piece, making sure to unhook the small spring.

 With some wiggling the plunger tube can be pulled out. Take out the two screws on top of the plunger tube and pull it off. The air restrictor and its spring will pop out. Next take a small flat head screwdriver and gently knock out the air grate. Put the plunger back together and set aside.


Turn the vulcan over and remove the screw inside of the cocking bar hole. With the gun right-side up pull out the cocking bar and the rotator bar as pictured. You can now pull the plunger out.Hold down the spring with one hand and take out the screw holding the plunger head on.

 Remove the spring. The only easily acquired spring that I know of is the buzz-bee tek 6 spring, an almost perfect fit with a lot more power. (the tek spring is the bottom one)

 Put the plunger back together and reinsert into the gun, making sure to pull down the triangular catch as shown.

 Next put back in the rotation bar then put back in the cocker bar. Replace the plunger tube with its small spring and washer. Finally put on the two firing mechanism covers and the orange rectangle, then screw down. Also, don’t forget to hook up the small rotation spring. Put back on the casing and screw together, and replace all the handles, cocking grip, and jam door. That’s it, you’re done. (note) I took out the dart posts so the belt can take streamlines.



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7 responses to “Vulcan Spring and Air-restrictor Mod

  1. Themicster

    My plunger top is glued in how am I supposed to get the ar out?
    It’s glued in on all the new vulcans

    • Use a 1/2″ drill bit to widen the hole behind the AR, inside the plunger tube. The AR should fall out when you turn the tube upside-down. You can then knock out the air-grate with a screwdriver and a hammer.

  2. adam

    I’m planning to do this mod to my vulcan. Were can i get the buzz-bee tek 6 spring? I live in the UK and cant find one on google shopping. Do u know what strength the spring is?I have already removed at AR from my vulcan and have ordered two 7.4v airsoft style cell batteries for my power source. How many rounds do you think you have fired through ur upgraded vulcan? does it feel like its handled the spring and ROF increase well? thanks

    • It is hard to find just the spring from a gun, so you will most likely have to buy a buzz bee tek 6 and extract the spring from it. I would say the spring has about 15 lbs of strength. I have fired around 15 belts worth of darts through the vulcan with stock batteries. I can’t attest to higher voltages though. I used a very old and brittle vulcan, and dry-fired it frequently, all of this leading to the plunger rod breaking in half. I firmly belive that with a fairly new gun and proper care it would last a very long time. There is a risk to every mod that you do to any gun, so breakage is possible. Good luck with your mod!

      • adam

        Thanks for the quick response. this is my first nerf gun and first mod so im abit ov a noob. iv found a tek 6 for £8 so will order that and hack it up for parts.

        the vulcans i’m modding is brand new, only fired about 100 rounds through it so hopefully it will last awhile and take the mods ok. next step would be to strengthen the internals so I can increase the ROF even more without the plunger rod breaking because ov the tek 6 spring.

        Il make a video when iv got the batteries and spring installed

  3. adam

    hay what range and rate ov firing are you getting? have you tried using it with a higher voltage battery setup?

    • The modded vulcan gets about 40 to 45 feet flat.(level with ground) The rate of fire with stock batteries and the new spring is around 2.5 darts-per-second. I have tried it with eight AA batteries, or twelve volts, subsequently the rate of fire increased to 3.5 darts per second. With ten AA batteries, the ROF is close to 5 darts per second.

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