Intro to Nerf Moding

Hi, I’m Mark, and I am going to show you the most crazy mods ever. Although modding Nerf blasters is sometimes thought to be hard, it’s not. With a little practice and a good mod guide, you will be on your way to modtropolis. Most Nerf guns have the  capability to be modded, and I’ll show you how to make your gun perform its best. Any questions you have will be answered,  just type your question in the comment box at the  bottom of the mod guide. By the way, there is always the possibility of breaking your gun in the process of modding it, but if you follow my instructions carefully all will go well. Good luck!!!!!!!!! (hint, HAVE FUN)




Filed under Maverick, Nightfinder, Stampede, Vulcan

3 responses to “Intro to Nerf Moding

  1. Evan

    Hey can I post your praxis mod on instructables the nerf modding community is pretty big but there aren’t any praxis / lumitron mods I will also give you full credit for the mod and leave a link for your website.

    Thanks anyways.

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