Automatic Clip Mod for Nerf Barricade

Turning a semi-auto ten dart gun into a full auto, clip-fed beast.

 This is probably the most ambitious mod I have ever attempted.

First almost all of the internals were removed in preparation for the  mod.

The dart pusher mechanism consists of a Lego worm gear box, driven by a 18 volt motor. The box turns a gear with half the teeth filed off on one side. As the gear turns, the teeth catch a PVC bar which also has teeth. The bar is connected to a spring that is stretched as the bar moves forward.

The connected gear pushes the bar until it turns to its blank side. By this time the bar has pushed a dart fully into the spinning flywheels and the dart is fired. When the gear is not engaged with the bar, the spring pulls it to its original position and the process is repeated.


In order for this to work there must be a constant supply of darts to the pusher. With the original rotation mechanism for the barrel removed, the only way for sufficient dart delivery was to make the blaster clip-fed. I figured the best way to make a stable clip holder was to use one from a stock clip gun.

An alpha trooper donated its handle and clip holder in exchange for a coveted spot in the spare parts bin. The original handle was removed from the barricade. The alpha handle and clip holder were dremeled to a perfect fit and glued in. 

Once the flywheels were moded with tape to accommodate steamline darts, and the voltage had been raised to nine volts, the gun was ready to fire.

When I tested the gun, the flywheels screamed with speed. With a Stampede clip in the gun, I pulled the trigger. A stream of darts sprayed out of the gun emptying the clip in two seconds. Unfortunately, I didn’t take pictures during the process so I can’t make a detailed mod guide, but I hope you can use this as inspiration and make your own fully automatic clip-fed Barricade. (I may mod another one and put up pics soon.)



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10 responses to “Automatic Clip Mod for Nerf Barricade

  1. How did you get to the flywheel mechanism? I tried, but no luck.

    Thanks in advance

    • The casing is glued in most places, so I used a combination of a dremel, a razor-blade, a chisel, and quite a bit of elbow grease. Good luck!

      • I tried a lot, but, I can get it. the bottom of it is stuck, and I don’t know what it is. I pried apart all the cracks, but that doesn’t help. Is there a way to tape the flywheels without opening it? Also, you didn’t have to cut up a alpha trooper. If you take off the clip thing from the raider, cut off most of the end opposite the button, it fits perfectly if you cut off the trigger guard.

        • On mine, I hade to crack off the half of the flywheel mech casing that has the screw ports. First remove all the screws(4), then, pry/crack apart the casing with your hands or pliers. It is alright to crack the casing because the screws are the main connectors. Just make sure not to break anything that looks important(ie. motors, flywheels and the motor brace). It would be pretty much impossible to tape the flywheels without opening the case. Then again, if you cut the tape to size, then, using a screwdriver or some other flat thing, apply the tape to the flywheels from the dart port. It would be hard, but possible. I used the alpha trooper’s clip receiver because the gun was already broken, but a raider receiver would work too.

  2. That is amazing!! I wonder if you could find a way to do it taking up less space…

  3. I really want to see a video of that thing in action. I can imagine putting a Raider drum in that thing and pwning everyone else in a Nerf war.

  4. andrew

    you are a god…

  5. macenhammer

    How many volts does the pusher moter take?

  6. nerf lover

    This is amazing! great write up

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